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The Fullest Expression of Health 

As an Osteopathic Physician in Asheville NC with over 20 years of experience, I deliver a different and effective approach to managing health issues. Integral to this practice is respect for the unique qualities and potential of each individual.  Together we explore the opportunities Health as an inherent force presents to improve your function and open up possibilities. Understanding the far-reaching impact of health issues, my goal is for my patients to become the fullest expression of who they are.

 Daniel Umberger, D.O.


Using the patient's own Health to guide the treatment, this Physician - Board Certified in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine - uses gentle hands-on techniques to subtly restructure anatomy.  By working to improve blood and lymphatic circulation, remove restrictions to the nervous system, assist immune function, and improve respiration, the patient's own mechanisms are able to re-establish health. Many of my patients reach me through failure of the the traditional western model of medicine. If you have tried a medical approach with unsatisfying results, and feel ready to apply a different and more holistic philosophy, Still Point Osteopathic in Asheville, NC might be for you.

Medical form with stethoscope

Cranial Osteopathy is an extremely gentle and powerful approach, using awareness and a knowing touch to feel the various rhythms of healthy expression available throughout the body. It is an Osteopathic approach, and some portions of this "technique" have been taught by Osteopaths to a variety of therapists. More advanced classes, however, remain the purview of physicians. At this level, intensive knowledge of anatomy, and its impact on the function of an individual is imperative.  While treatment at Still Point Osteopathy in Asheville, NC, always includes this sensitive touch - migraine headaches, inner ear infections, TMJ disorder and other head disorders generally respond quite well to Cranial Osteopathy.

Woman & Doctor


For over 20 years, patients have depended on Dr. Daniel Umberger to afford them relief from pain, and increase their ability to perform, all with minimal use of medication. Dr. Umberger has found that, with the vast majority of patients, pain decreases as function improves. Treating the underlying condition is therefore the cornerstone of his unique Osteopathic treatments in Asheville, NC.



Following anatomy's own intelligence, an Osteopathic treatment can help a variety of conditions. On one hand, you could call it "non-surgical orthopedics" and be treated for injuries to muscles and joints, osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis, neck and back pain, sciatic pain, or postural problems. Yet using the same approach to health can directly improve conditions such as chronic headaches of all types, TMJ disorder,  recurrent ear or sinus infections, asthma, gastric reflux, fibromyalgia and the variety of pains that don't seem to fit a diagnosis.

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Hello. I'm Daniel Umberger, DO. I am board certified in Neuromuscular Medicine/ Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (NMM/OMM). After my residency at Saint Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx, NY, I worked as an attending physician in an alternative pain management clinic. I then opened my own multi-practitioner clinic which I operated until 2017.

Concurrently, for those last two years I taught and served as Discipline Chair of Osteopathic Manipulation for the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine. I am a licensed medical acupuncturist. Additionally, my interests in the connection between mind, body, and spirit have also lead me to becoming a KRI certified Kundalini yoga instructor. 

Now I make my home in the mountains of Western North Carolina, where I serve patients in Asheville and beyond. I do my best work as a clinician, and truly enjoy forming lasting relationships with my patients. I hope to see you soon!

  Disclaimer: Picture taken in 2017

One of the greatest choices I ever made was trusting Dr. Daniel Umberger with my care. Since I was a little girl, I suffered with debilitating migraines, acid reflux and later on in life from extensive inflammation, Fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, and muscle stiffness. I was treated by a holistic clinic for many years and it was not until Dr. Umberger took over my treatment that I started to see noticeable improvement; and so did my family! …(I)t was amazing to have my life back.

...I am grateful that I can say  I am still benefiting from his treatment.

Joanne S.

My son received osteopathic treatment from Dr. Dan for his allergies and asthma. He received treatment for  6 months every two weeks. I was giving him allegra every single day since he was two years old. But, after his treatment he is not taking any medication and his allergy and asthma problems got completely better. He wasn't able to play with his friends or go outside at all... because of exertional asthma. Now... he is able to go outside to play without breathling difficulties, itchy eyes or coughing. I am very glad that I met Dr. Dan for my son. He is a really good doctor and a fantastic human being.

Roshon K.

Taking blood pressue


Located in the WNC Holistic Center

390A S French Broad Ave
Asheville, North Carolina 28801

For appointments, call or email:

Office: (828) 348-0411

Fax: (828) 435-2736

48 hours required for notification of cancellation or

you are responsible for the appointment fee.

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These are just a few of the common conditions I treat, in order roughly from head to foot.  Click on the PDF to the left. I will supply an Osteopathic viewpoint on each condition as time allows.

Sinusitis/Sinus headaches


Otitis media/earaches

Jaw pain/difficulty chewing

Neck pain

Shoulder pain

Hand numbness

Arthritis - osteo

Arthritis - rheumatoid


Chest wall pain/costochondritis

Back Pain

Pregnancy related issues - back and pelvic pain, swelling, nausea

Acid reflux/GERD

Surgically induced adhesions

Pelvic pain

Post joint replacement surgeries

Sciatica/pain radiation down back of leg

Lumbar radiculopathy

Knee pain/difficulty walking

Plantar fasciitis/bottom of foot pain

Performance enhancement - musicians, dancers and other athletes

Postural issues

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