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Have a Better Pregnancy in Asheville, North Carolina, with Osteopathic Treatment


If you’re pregnant in Asheville, North Carolina, you want to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. Carrying new life can be a beautiful thing, but pregnant women can also experience setbacks, like:


  • Back pain 

  • Pelvic pain 

  • Acid reflux 

  • Shortness of breath 

  • Poor circulation/leg swelling 

  • Headaches 


The great news is, your pregnancy can be carried to term limiting, eliminating, or even preventing these symptoms. 


How? Through osteopathic treatment. If you’re pregnant, you’re undergoing substantial physiological shifts. While necessary for the forming fetus, these shifts can cause significant discomfort and pain. A center of gravity that is steadily shifting to the front causes an increased curve in the low back, which places more pressure on the base of the spine and on the pelvis. Moreover, the ligaments attaching the uterus to the pelvis can strain, causing both pelvic and low back pain. 


Gentle osteopathic treatment can alleviate pregnancy-related pain without resorting to aggressive articulations. The expanding uterus pushing up against the diaphragm limits a full breath. Osteopathic treatment can remove restrictions to ribs and across the diaphragm, helping to alleviate shortness of breath. With a diaphragm that moves easier, acid reflux is not as much of a problem. 


Blood volume increases dramatically during pregnancy, an average of 50%. This increase in volume along with hormonal and structural changes challenges circulation of the blood. With the hormonal changes that make the blood easier to clot, a superficial or a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) may form. Osteopathic treatment removes restrictions to blood and lymphatic flow, helping with leg swelling and possibly averting a blood clot. 


Headaches in pregnancy may be a result of increased strain on the body frame, causing tension headaches. This is a problem usually very amenable to gentle osteopathic treatment. With a focus on improving blood drainage from the skull, migraine headaches also typically improve. 


Are you experiencing pregnancy challenges in Asheville? Or, simply wanting to have the most healthy Asheville pregnancy possible? We can help. Make an appointment by calling (828) 348-0411, or email

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